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Exactly what you need to end nipping fast and easy without all the guesswork!


Go deep into what's working without wasting time on what isn't.The nipping ends now..

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The best time to teach your puppy not to nip is the day your pup came home.


The 2nd best time is right now. Waiting and debating don't help. Nip-Free Kingdom does!

Loves To Listen

I know you love your puppy now. But, imagine how much more you'll love your pup...


When they actually listen instead of constantly nipping. You'll love your results :)

Calm As A Cucumber

Most dogs are bad because they're bored. The other main reason is overly excited.


Feel like a gazillion bucks when you no-longer feel teeth chomping down on your skin. 



Whether you're a single parent, in a giant family, or just love to rescue dogs... If you're getting nipped that's a no-no. Say good-bye to nipping fur-ever when you enroll in Nip-Free Kingdom today!


First you need to get the right tools and techniques to create the results you desire.


Next, you need to do it over and over till you get at last 1 step closer to your goal. 


Finally, when you rinse & repeat with the right tools & techniques you'll get results!

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A Less Nippy Pup In No-Time...


Stop nipping faster than you ever dreamed possible, enjoy petting your puppy without getting treated like a chew-toy, and get your dog happily listening to your every command with this 1 simple rule!


Heck, I even show you how to make your training 3X more effective with one simple tweak!


In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover on this incredible Master Class:

  • How to Stop Your Puppy From Nipping by Doing The Opposite Of What Everyone Else Recommends

  • Why the word "NO" by itself  is a No-Go and how it can actually make your dog more nippy

  • End Nipping with  Common Household Items Almost Everyone Has Laying Around 

  • How Changing This 1 Thing Changes EVERYTHING when it comes to your dog and no-longer nipping



Recording from one of my private in-home sessions...


This session will show you in real-time how I help my clients stop their puppy from nipping. It's the next best thing to hiring me to come work in your home. 


Watch over my shoulder as I teach a family about the ins and outs of how to deal with their nippy pup. 


In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover on this informative Recording:

  • How to End Puppy Nipping by using a secret technique that works every time that many people have never seen or heard of (dog trainers included)

  • Exactly what to do when your puppy starts biting the leash and how to avoid getting bit in the process 

  • Where to start when dealing with the nip-monster and how to keep your puppy's teeth occupied with a fun game other than nipping you



Watch me do it, Replicate, Then Duplicate my Results...


There's so many ways to stop nipping, but not all work for everyone. This gives you multiple ways to end nipping giving you the best shot of success possible.!


In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll cover on these how-to Video Breakdowns:

  • See Exactly what I do to Stop Puppy Nipping During A Live Session using the Calm Cradle Technique 

  • Watch in real-time how Using the "Leave It" Command can End Nipping Fast & Easy

  • Sit-Back & Relax as I explain the Theory Behind what makes All This Possible

Sick and tired of getting treated like a chew-toy? Don't miss out on your incredible opportunity for a less nippy pup in no-time


Of Course I'll Throw You A Bone...



Teach Your Dog To Run On The Treadmill

Treadmill Training

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When your dog is running on the treadmill you won't be getting run ragged

Potty Train Your Pooch & Stop The Accidents

Housebreaking 101

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Say goodbye to accidents fur-ever and finally have a potty trained pooch!

Finally Relax As Your Does The Chill Pill

Chill Pill Challenge

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The easiest way to get excited dogs to chill out so you can finally relax


Certified Master Dog Trainer, Animal Behavioral Consultant & Specialist, And International Best-Selling Author

Jeff Feuerwerker

Can Train Any Dog, Any Age, Any Breed - Guaranteed!

Whoof's Up! 


Since 2005 I've been helping people to get their dogs to listen better than most spouses and kids.


My job is pretty awesome! I've got a chance to work with professional athletes, professional musicians, best-selling authors, the guy who invented "The Club," mayors, artists, the first singing dog on the hit TV show "America's Got Talent," and some of the biggest influencers around.

I've also got to help train service dogs for those in need. And I've helped thousands of dog moms and dads just like you to finally get control of their out-of-control fur-children.


But out of all my jobs, being a father has been the most incredible and rewarding so far. Other passions of mine include music, martial arts, chess, photography, and videography.​


Now, I'm giving you the opportunity to end your puppy's nipping problem fur-ever.

Jeff is great with the dogs!!!

I mean, I've never seen anything like it. 

What he is able to do is just amazing!!!

I would recommend him to anyone!

Dog Dad

If you do the work Jeff tells you to do you will see results ! Jeff is very knowledgeable and you can tell he has a passion for what he does. From basic commands to aggressiveness, he can help!

Lauren Kelly

Dog Mom

Within 1 hour, our 4month old, male Malamute was focused and balanced! Jeff taught us how to read our puppy’s behaviors and start acting like the pack leaders. We are excited to continue our journey with Jeff.

Bambi McClone

Dog Mom



There's 2 plans to choose from below. Pick the one that best suites your needs...

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Teach Your Dog To Treadmill $97 FREE

Housebreaking 101 $97 FREE

Chill Pill Challenge $97 FREE


Total Bonus Value $291 FREE


Here's Everything You Get Inside Of Nip-Freedom Kingdom


✅ End Puppy Nipping Masterclass

✅ Private In-Home Session Recording

✅ How To Use Leave It For Less Nipping

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✅ Teach Your Dog To Treadmill 

✅ Housebreaking 101 

✅ Chill Pill Challenge 

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Everything In Starter plus 1 Private Virtual Session

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30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

Try it for a full 30 days. I'm so confident this will work for you, I'll put all the risk on me. But, I know from having helped 1000's of people, the devil is in the details. So if you have any questions at all about any of the content... contact us immediately at 330-473-1132. We'll be more than happy to assist. 


Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions not listed below reach out at 330-473-1132 for assistance.

How soon do I get access to Nip-Free Kingdom and the $291 in FREE Bonuses ?

Do I have to pay each month ?

How do the virtual sessions work ?

If you purchase the Silver plan you'll receive a number to reach out to Dawn the assistant to schedule youvvirtual session(s). 


The faster you take action the faster you'll get results... 

It's time to say goodbye to the NIp-Monster and hello to Nip-Free Kingdom

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