Ends Your Dog’s Bad Behaviors Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible 


Right now you…


You try to take your dog for a walk but instead your dog ends up walking you😮


You’ve tried treats, harnesses, prayer, but nothing seems to be working🙏



So now you try to time your walks just right, when no one else is around. ⏱️


But, yeah right! That's like impossible



You know it’s only a matter of time before you run into someone or a dog on your walk.


And you're afraid of what might happen.


Then to make matters worse...


Oh gosh! Your guest showed up early and you didn’t put the dog away yet.


Now your guest is outside waiting in the pouring rain while you keep calling your dog but to no avail.


Your dog is barking at the door hysterically but this is no laughing matter.


You finally get your dog put up. But by now, your guest isn’t exactly pleased.


Plus, they are soaking wet. And somehow this is actually your life. Even though at times it feels more like a scene right out of a comedy/tragedy movie. 

How would it feel to…


You open your door and your dog automatically sits and waits patiently for you to tell them what to do next.



You feel like a gajillion bucks because your dog is walking right next to you, by your side, at your pace, and the leash is looser than United States gun laws.


When you turn, your dog turns with you. When you stop, your dog automatically sits and waits patiently for your next move.


Not to mention, your dog knows cool tricks that everyone adores.  

Because between you and me, it’s not about your dog doing everything you say all the time. Because then you wouldn't have to do anything at all. 


It’s really about knowing what to do when your dog doesn’t listen that matters, so you can finally get control of your out-of-control dog.


Because your dog could know exactly what it is you're saying, but that alone doesn't mean your dog will do it.


​Because your dog isn’t just a dog. 

Your dog is the single-most important thing in your life besides your spouse and kids that isn't directly related to you. 


And if we're being honest, you probably think sometimes you love your dog more than your spouse and kids. But I know you could never admit that. But don't worry. Your secret is safe with me.  



My Dog Dojo



The best resource for fur-parents (just like you!) which takes you from a fur-devil to a dog so well-behaved people stop just to give you compliments. 



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Fundamentals of Fur-Parenting so you can cut your training time in half by creating drastic results with a simple formula you can use in day to day life. 

Barkaholics Anonymous will finally put an end to your dog’s annoying excessive barking once and for all so you can live your live in peace without all the noise

The Jumpinator so you can finally have guests come over again without your dog jumping all over them like a trampoline.

The Counter-Surfing Cure so you can finally leave food out without worrying about your dog stealing it from your tables and counters the very 1st chance they get. 

The Loose Leash Life will stop your dog from pulling you on walks with a secret technique most dog trainers don't even know which will make walking your dog fun again. 


Get full access for just $27 a month


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Here’s what you get in My Dog Dojo


It’s broken down into 5 easy to follow modules



Module 1: Fundamentals of Fur-Parenting


You’ll discover all the common mistakes fur-parents make, how to avoid them and exactly what to do instead


- How to improve communication with your dog by learning to speak their language


- How to incorporate pack leader points to get your dog to happily listen to you instead of gleefully ignore you like a new york traffic ticket


- How to use treats the right and wrong way. Yes! You heard me. There is actually a wrong way to give treats that makes it almost impossible for your dog to listen when it actually matters 


- How to leverage properly to get your dog to choose to eagerly follow your every command 


- How to get your dog to learn to listen faster than you every thought possible by using the hierarchy of reward system 




Module 2: The Jumpinator


You’ll discover the sure-fire way to teach your dog not to jump on everyone and everything like a trampoline


- How to stop your dog from jumping by simply changing this 1 thing


- How to teach your dog to stop jumping on command by teaching this 1 fun trick


- How to get your dog to sit and wait patiently to by pet by people instead of jump on them without permission


- How to have a dog that loves people without having the need to jump on them upon sight


- How to convince your dog jumping on you isn’t a great idea anymore even if it’s been happening for years


Module 3: Barkaholics Anonymous 


You’ll discover the sure-fire way to interrupt your dog’s annoying excessive barking every time


- How to stop your dog from barking regardless what of started it


- How to implement the 4-step Bark Stopper to stop any dog from barking fast and easy


- How to use the Quiet Touch technique to eliminate bark explosions


- How to get your dog to stop barking on command with this 1 little trick


- How to let your dog know when it’s appropriate to bark and when it isn’t 


- 6 ways to stop your dog from barking that simple work like magic


Module 4: The Counter-Surfing Cure


- Stop your dog from stealing food off your counters, tables, and anywhere else


- How to set your dog up for success and not thievery 


- Teach your dog to stop stealing stuff in a systematic easy to understand approach


- Condition your dog to stop counter-surfing without having to catch your dog in the act


- How to systematically desensitize your dog to taking yummy food of your tables and counters whenever you aren’t paying attention


- How to counter your dog from counter-surfing fast and easy even though it might seem counterintuitive


Module 5: The Loose Leash Life


- You’ll discover the awesomeness of not getting pulled on the leash while walking your dog Instead of walks always being a drag 


- Turn around your dog’s leash pulling fast if and when it does happen


Get your dog to heel better than most dog trainer’s dogs with this 1 cool trick


- Reduce leash pulling by simply switching to this special device


- Teach your dog to stop dragging you on the leash during walks with a cool game you can play anytime


- Your dog will heel next to you during walks with or without treats


The Competitve Advantage

My Dog Dojo even has it's own Ranking System just like in Martial Arts

Only instead of Belts - your dog gets Bows

Click The Pics To See The Requirements For Each Bow

What's With The Bows?


Each level is broken down into easily consumble bite sized chucks. Once you complete all requirements for your level, you'll be offered a chance to take a belt (bow) test. 

Upon satisfactory completion you'll be advanced to the next ranking and recieve your next bow for your dog to proudly display as a sign of their accomplishments. 

How it works


Available anytime - Learn on your schedule!  Access everything in our secure online Member area. You get full access to the entire course the instant you join.

Easy to use -  Content is provided in videos, MP3s, downloadable PDF guides, transcripts, workbooks so you can choose your favorite format.

Community - Our private Facebook community is filled with other like-minded fur-parent ninja dog trainers so you’re surrounded by people who “get it”.



All this for just $27


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This helps you:




✅ Communicate with your dog in a language your dog already speaks and understands which cuts your training time in more than half


✅ Get your dog to listen even when guests are over, out in public, or at the vet’s office and never be embarrassed by your dog's bad behavior again


✅ Finally get your life back when you don’t have to spend 24/7 worrying about what bad thing your dog is going to do next 


Inside My Dog Dojo you’ll learn all the secret ninja dog training tricks & tactics to make this possible & more



Just like these members...

In case we haven't met yet...



I help frustrated fur-parents (just like you!) get their dogs to actually listen and not just through bribery


Hey, I’m Jeff Feuerwerker. 


At 16 years old I got my 1st dog. I felt on top of the world! 🌎


But, my lack of experience with dogs and a bunch of misinformation led me to having my dream burst. 🌧️ 


Instead, he turned into a nightmare dog.


His separation anxiety became so bad I couldn’t leave for school in the morning or he would bark nonstop till I came home.


One day, as I opened the door to my mom’s home I felt like I walked into a human-sized snow globe.


There  were literally pieces of snow (the stuffing from the couch) falling everywhere. He had eaten the entire couch. 😱


Once I understood dog behavior and not just how I wanted to behave around my dog, everything started to change.


His separation anxiety disappeared, he was no longer acting aggressively and even learned to walk nicely on the leash. 




After working with hundreds of clients I began to notice some pretty interesting patterns that I would have to be a fool to ignore.



Once I taught my clients these behavior patterns we doubled how fast we could get results. Through the years it tripled and then quadrupled. 🚀


Now people often say dog training feels more like magic.


Because, the results can come so suddenly and quickly without much effort when you know how to set you and your dog up for success. 



The very 1st dog I trained professionally was going to be put down for biting.



Because I was able to help train a dog that had major aggression issues to be nice and friendly, this paved the road for my career as a professional dog trainer.


Since then I’ve helped thousands of people with their bad dog behavioral problems. 


Now I want to help you.


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Get an extra $hit Ton in bonuses and resources when you join today!



Bonus 1: Teach Your Dog To Exercise Themselves On The Treadmill So You Can Exercise Your Right For Independence Value $107 FREE


Bonus 2: 1 Group Laser Session To Give You A Giant Head Start With Your Exact Issues To Save you A Ton Of Time Value $97 FREE



Bonus 3: ADHD To PHD Live Class To Take Your Dog From Zero Focus To The Focus Of A Scholar Value $297 FREE



Bonus 4: Spousal Training To Help Get Your Whole Family On The Same Page And Not In Two Separate Books Value $Priceless FREE




That’s over 5 Amazon Shopping Sprees in value… all for $27.


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Be sure My Dog Dojo is right for you with the


“You’re 100% Protected” Guarantee*


I know My Dog Dojo helps frustrated fur-parents like you, so I’m betting on it being the right fit.


Join My Dog Dojo.  If it’s not what you thought it would be, you’re covered - cancel anytime.


Just a few clicks and you’re outta there.  


*Please read Terms & Conditions for details

  • Noticeable improvement, you'll see difference in the same week.

  • Fabulous support, you'll feel like part of the family. Your success is our success. #bettertogether

  • Completely modifiable, this was designed to help anyone at any stage in their dog training journey.

Jeff Feuerwerker

Sensi, My Dog Dojo

Have a few more questions?


“I’m busy.  Will I have time for PROGRAM?”

I get you’re busy, I am too, that’s why I made this quick and easy for you to get remarkable results and keep you on the fast-track to success.


Even if you didn't add an extra ounce of training time to your schedule, by simply using the same time you spend with your dog now with the techniques inside My Dog Dojo and you'll produce 10X the results. 


"Is My Dog Dojo really worth it?"


You could hire a trainer to come to your home. I have that service as well. It starts at $145 for an hr consult. 


For less than a daily dose of Starbucks, you’ll be on your way to the best-behaved dog you’ve had yet.


It could cost you $1000’s in damage to your home, vet bills, and court costs. Leaving your dog’s bad behaviors unaddressed is an accident waiting to happen. 


I had a client that had a farm dog that bit 6 customers before hiring me. They lost their insurance for their farm over it. Ouch 🤕


I had another client whose dog ate 2 of her iPhones before hiring me. 📱📱


Leaving your dog's known issues unaddressed is like sitting on a ticking time bomb. 💣


It could even result in a fatal accident. 


I had a client hire me on a Friday to come out Monday. Their dog ate a dish towel on Saturday and passed away from Bloat on Sunday. 


I had another client whose dog got loose and killed their neighbors dog before hiring me. 


All this could've been avoided if they would've taken action sooner than later. 


“What if my dog is untrainable?”

I’ve never had that happen once in 15 years after helping 1000’s of people with their dogs.


But, who knows...


Maybe you’ll surprise me and your dog will be the 1st. Lol But, I doubt it. 


My Dog Dojo will help you teach your dog to be a loving, listening member of the family


Being a member is like having me sit next to you in your living room, showing you how to train your dog step-by-step.  


And since I spend most of my time helping members, I only open the doors a few days a year.


If you’re excited about what My Dog Dojo can do for you, good news…


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Monthly content added right inside your members only vault to help you stay motivated and keep your dog on the fast track to success. $297 value! 


Live Q&A's to answer all your questions each week so you never get stuck and keep making progress so that before you know it your worst behaved dog will be your best dog yet $275 value! 


The exact process you need to go from having your dog behave like a fur-devil (nipping, biting, chewing, jumping, humping, marking, barking, lunging, fighting etc. ) to a fur-angel. $900 value!  


Step-by-step method to get your dog’s training done in less than half the time using the Canine Integral Approach $345 value! 


A supportive community of smart like-minded fur-parents who understand what you're going through and are there for you every step of the way $745 value!  


Total value: $Priceless

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My Dog Dojo gives you the exact steps to get your dog to finally listen so you can finally see yourself with the best-behaved dog you’ve ever had yet